In an ever changing technological world, it is often difficult to keep up with new technologies. We are well aware that it is often the case that children know more about technology that their parents. At Archibald, we believe that children’s technological knowledge should be nurtured and harnessed to further their learning as far as possible.

Please click on this link for information from the police about staying safe online: Cleveland Police E-Safety Leaflet

In order to support this, we aim to deliver a comprehensive e-safety curriculum through ICT and PSHCE lessons, whole school, team and class assemblies and by taking part in safer internet day and e-safety week annually. Staff and children are regularly trained with e-safety updates and children are encouraged to know what to do if they ever feel uncomfortable with a sitution online.

10 Tips to keep your children safe online
Within school, we have carefully managed systems where children are able to access parts of the internet and are encouraged to communicate and network safely within the school community. We know that home networks are not always monitored and therefore aim to provide children with a working knowledge of what to do in esafety situations. We teach children to know what these situations may look like, as well as what actions they should take.

If you or your child have any questions or concerns regarding e-safety or would like any support or advice with e-safety at home, you can speak to Mrs Walker (PSA) or Mrs Davison (e-safety leader) or log on to the following websites for more information and support.

As part of our #WakeUpWednesday campaign, National Online Safety has teamed up with MusicAlternative to launch a Fortnite online safety song. Their song encourages parents and carers to "stay switched on" to online dangers when their children are playing Fortnite. We hope you love this video just as much as we do! Click here to watch the video.

KidSmart Think U Know CEOP Report Internet Matters

Do you know which APPs you child is using? Click below for a comprehensive parent’s guide to common and popular apps you child may be using.

Internet Matters - Parent's Guide to Apps
Research suggests children are using social media before parents have spoken to them about how to use it responsibly, with 48% being exposed to it by age seven.

To help parents have these important conversations with their children at a younger age, Vodafone UK and Andersen Press have teamed up with award-winning author Jeanne Willis and illustrator Tony Ross to produce a co-branded digital edition of #Goldilocks. The book is a modern twist on the classic fairy tale, the three bears; and offers a fun and accessible way for parents to discuss responsible social media use with their younger children. #Goldilocks getting into trouble with the three bears over her pursuit of likes on social media. It aims to help educate children about the potential consequences of being unkind, getting carried away with selfies or oversharing images in a light-hearted way. Download the #Goldilocks e-book along with a fun activity sheet for free below.

Vodafone Digital Parenting: #Goldilocks E-Book

Wake Up Wednesday!

It can feel like an uphill challenge to keep children away from harmful content on the internet, so this week we're issuing a free home (and device) internet controls guide for parents and carers.

The internet is full of harmful content, which is why web filtering is such an important tool for any family. When running properly, it protects your children from the bad things on the internet, regardless of whether they’re trying to access that type of content on purpose or it happens by accident.

Parents Guide to Internet Controls

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