Governors - Terms of Office

Fr Glyn Holland, Chair of Governors
Appointed: 1.9.18

Alan Sandham, Vice Chair
Appointed: 1.9.18

Lucy Chapman
Appointed: 6.7.17

Denise Rooney
Appointed: 17.3.16

Register of Business & Pecuniary Interests - 2018-19
Board Governors Attendance Record - 2018-19

Andrea Foord
Appointed: 1.9.18

Paul Wales
Appointed: 1.9.18

Pamela Whittingham
Appointed: 1.9.18

Claire Dalton
Appointed: 14.3.19

Tracey Ahmed
Appointed: 29.1.19

If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact the school.

All appointments are made by the chair of govenors in conjunction with the board and the school.