Pioneer Credit Union

Pioneer Credit Union

"I think it’s fantastic. I really benefit from being in the Credit Union." - Parent

Archibald are proud to say that we have a Pioneer saving scheme available for pupils and parents.

We are a collection point so it couldn’t be easier to teach your child about financial responsibility by opening an account with them. Money smart kids grow up to be money smart adults!

All junior membership is FREE up to the age of 18 years old. Some junior members join directly. Quite often it's a relative – Mum, Dad, aunt, uncle or grandparent – who opens their account for them and may pay in savings too, but we always love to see junior members at collection points and would encourage them to manage their savings themselves where they can.

At Archibald Primary School the collection point is in the main entrance every Wednesday at 3pm. You are welcome to come along and open an account or put some money into your account. However, it is also possible to leave money at the office at any time to be paid in. You can also pay money in by standing order.

For more information please visit the website below or come into school and talk to us about opening an account.

Pioneer Credit Union - Junior Members & Schools

Christmas Club

If you would like to save for Christmas there is a Christmas savings club available for adult members which pays out in November. Please contact us for more details or visit the Pioneer Credit Union website below.

Pioneer Credit Union

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