Christmas Comptetition

Next Friday is Friday 14th December and thousands of people across the UK will start their day by pulling on a Christmas jumper for a great cause – to help create a brighter future for children. Save the Children is a charity which makes sure they can be there to help when children need it most. They work in 68 countries around the world including the UK providing care and attention to each child whether they are at risk due to conflict, natural disasters or poverty. Supporting Save the Children means that the charity can stand side by side with children in the toughest places to be a child. If you would like to take part and donate to Save the Children, all you need to do is come to school wearing a Christmas jumper on Friday 14th December and bring in £1. £1 doesn’t seem like a lot but if we all donate it can make a big difference.

We are all exceptionally lucky. Around the world, millions of children never go to school, meaning they miss out of life-changing opportunities. Save the Children believes every child should be able to realise their full potential and grow up to build a better world. In 2017, their education programmes helped 841,000 children. Only £100 could stock a school library in Rwanda with 75 books.

…and that’s not all they do. Money we raise could pay for antibiotics for children suffering from pneumonia, it could provide a bicycle for a health worker to care for children in places where cars cannot reach them or it could pay for educational toys.

And if wearing a Christmas jumper wasn’t exciting enough, this year at lunchtime there will be a 'Christmas jumper cake' as one of the dessert choices!…AND the School Council are running a new competition; 'Decorate your own Christmas jumper'.

We want to know, if you could decorate your own Christmas jumper, what would it look like? If you would like to enter, please put your entry in our Christmas Jumper Competition box in the school entrance before 3 o'clock on Wednesday 12th December 2018. We will judge the best entries and will announce the winners next Friday – when we're all wearing our Christmas jumpers!

We had 219 entries!

Winners for Reception
3rd place – Lola Hugill from Class 2
2nd place – Ava Mackin from Class 2
1st place – Amelia-Rose Sen from Class 2

Winners for KS1
3rd place – Layla Robinson from Class 4
2nd place – Autumn Pearce from Class 5
1st place – Leeland Sayers from Class 3

Winners for KS2
3rd place – Jonatan Balica from Class 13
2nd place – Tyler Nugent from Class 11
1st place – Maisy Stockton from Class 11