Meserani Project

What is the Meserani Project?

The Meserani Project funds children so that they can go to school and get an education. Sadly, in some countries it is not the law that all children must go to school. Instead they have to pay for their education and if they are unable to pay they miss out on being educated, unless they are sponsored.

This project was inspired by Acklam Grange school as they were on an expedition in 2007 and stumbled across Lesiraa School in Tanzania, what they found there shocked and horrified them so much to make them want to do something about it. They then came across a school in Meserani which again distressed them after raising money and completing both buildings to provide a more safe, clean and bigger space for the children to learn in. They then started to look at what happens to these children once they leave Primary School where they were shocked to learn that only one out of every nineteen pupils complete the secondary education- this is because they must pay to attend government secondary school. This is when it became apparent that children who completed Primary were given a chance to succeed in Secondary so a committee was set up to achieve this.

Since this a lot more has been achieved with this charity, however there are still children who aren’t in Secondary school who should be and need our help to get in to their school.

We at Archibald in Year Six have decided that we would love to help a child have an education that they deserve. For one child to go to Secondary School it is £160: this is probably what it would cost us for the latest Nike trainers and FIFA 18!  We will be fundraising for the up-coming months to achieve our target. We appreciate your support and kindness as always and we are sure you can understand how important this charity is.

Our sponsored pupil is Anna Loinyeye.


Both her parents have died – her father actually drowned in a flood, and her mother died from the effects of high blood pressure. She has four brothers and six sisters. Two of her brothers and one of her sisters all have mental health problems. She is living with one of her brothers, who was not able to go to school and survives by ‘working the land’. If she goes to secondary school, she will be the first to do so in her family. She was placed fourth in her examinations at Meserani Chini Primary School in 2017. Her favourite subjects are Geography, Mathematics and English, and she would like to be an accountant one day.

If you have any further queries or questions the website details are: on the other hand you can speak to your child or a member of the year six team.