Archibald Primary School

Cultural Partnership Project

Year 3 have recently created a cultural partnership with two other local schools: Abingdon Primary School and St Clare’s R.C. Primary School

This year we have visited Abingdon Primary School to learn about Eid.

We took part in some dancing…

HPIM4362 HPIM4331 HPIM4333 HPIM4337

We ate some delicious food!

HPIM4354 HPIM4377HPIM4382 HPIM4373

We learnt about mendhi,  designed our own patterns and then had them applied to our hands!

HPIM4346 HPIM4357  HPIM4383 HPIM4371

And, best of all, we made new friends!

HPIM4343 HPIM4368  HPIM4374 HPIM4370