Refugee Week

Refugee Week 2018


Refugee Week takes place in June each year and 2018 is the 20th Anniversary of the annual event.

To mark Refugee Week in 2018 Middlesbrough Council invited representatives from each school to a special planning event which too place in the Council Chamber in the Town Hall.  Three pupils represented Archibald.


As part of the planning event pupils watched a short presentation on the screen and then were asked why they though Refugee Week was important.  Why they thought it was important to their town and why they thought it was important to their school.

The pupils were then set the challenge of working in their school groups to think of different ways in which Refugee Week could be celebrated in Middlesbrough and in their school. There were some fantastic ideas form the school represented.


Finally pupils were introduced to the ideas of 20 Simple Acts, and were challenged to think of simple acts that could be promoted by Middlesbrough Council to help celebrate Refugee Week 2018.  Each act was written on a post it note and then put together with all the other suggestions.  These will be shared with Middlesbrough Council representatives as part of the planning process for Refugee Week 2018.

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