P.E. Events


At Archibald Primary School, we encourage the children to enjoy physical activity and expect each child to be active for at least 30 minutes per day.  We believe physical activity has a vital impact on the children’s learning.  Children across the school participate in reguar PE sessions per week.  In addition to this, they enjoy participating in a range of regular physical activities at break times and lunch times including, hooping, dancing, football, skipping, cricket and netball.  At the end of lunchtime, the children enjoy ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ which prepares everyone to focus when returning to class. It is also important that children are provided with opportunities to trial new activities so each week on ‘Try it Tuesday’ new sports are introduced such as handball, volleyball and golf.

Swimming is considered an important life skill and one, which Archibald Primary School enables children to participate in.  All Year 3 and Year 4 children attend swimming lessons throughout the year. The aim is for the children to achieve confidence swimming at least 25 metres.

Children enjoy leading and taking ownership in extra curricular activities.  They show dedication, train on a weekly basis and take learning new skills in their stride.  It is important that the children are able to showcase and celebrate their success.  Celebrations are held in school for children and parents to attend.  Success is also celebrated by attending ‘Acklam Sports Partnership’ cluster events and Middlesbrough events where the children are able to perform in front of many local schools.  PE plays a huge role in developing self-confidence.  Our aim is to have every child participate in extra curricular activities and allow everyone the opportunity to attend an out of school event through the none competitive cluster events.

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