Archibald Against Bullying



Anti-Bullying is taken very seriously at Archibald Primary School. We have a zero tolerance on bullying.


Aims and Objectives


We aim to ensure that all groups of pupils feel safe and secure in an environment where all pupils can learn without anxiety, and measures are in place to prevent bullying.


  • Bullying is wrong and damages individual children. We therefore do all we can to prevent it, by developing a school ethos in which bullying is regarded as unacceptable.
  • This policy aims to produce a consistent whole school response to any bullying incidents, including cyber bullying that may occur.
  • We aim to make all those connected with the school aware of our opposition to bullying, and we make clear each person’s responsibilities with regard to the eradication of bullying in our school.
  • Archibald Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the   welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Through the School Council and the A team, the children are a very active element of our anti-bullying strategy. Our school works to prevent discrimination. We praise and reward positive behaviour rather than focusing on negative behaviour.

Our school actively try to prevent Bullying and have systems in place to support us to achieve this.

We have an annual whole school anti bullying week each year as part of our outstanding PSHE curriculum which teaches pupils what bullying is, what forms bullying can take and who can help if they feel they are being bullied. We teach pupils how to be a good friend through our Five Golden Rules and the Nurturing Programme. Our successful anti bullying week is launched with a whole school assembly at the start of the week. Activities based around friendship are completed during PSHE and ICT lessons.

The BIG Award

Archibald Primary School have now achieved the BIG Award for their third year.  This is because they have maintained their excellent anti-bullying strategies, and continue to work to prevent bullying which allows their pupils to play and learn without fear of intimidation.  Miss Spark co-ordinates this work, and ensures that the pupils and their parents are involved in the process and given a voice on this important issue.  I am delighted that they have achieved the BIG Award once again, well done to Miss Spark, Miss Greet, Mrs Smith, pupils, parents and staff.

Val McFarlane, Director, Bullying Intervention Group.

A portfolio of evidence is submitted on a yearly basis demonstrating how our school deals with bullying. We have successful systems in place to deal with issues that arise. We have a successful A team that support to make our lunchtimes a positive and happy place. They have been trained to teach our younger children games and to help them be a good friend to others.

Our membership is renewed on annual basis allowing us to access online resources and support with promoting our whole school zero tolerance policy on bullying. All staff have access to the website and resources.

Archibald’s Certificate

The mentors are available if pupils feel that they are being bullied. Details of the incident will be recorded on the schools bullying incident form. Our school ensure that all pupils are aware that there are different forms of bullying (including cyberbullying and prejudice-based bullying) and know what action they can take if they are being bullied. We ensure that pupils know what support is available and who they can talk to if they need help.